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Start Up Design&Manufacture; is an advertising company which supply advertising services and corporate, introducing for increasing sales volume and brand awareness of the companies as turn-key. It has industrial designing, R&D and engineering team in its organic structure. Our central office is located in Atasehir, Istanbul/TURKEY. Our manufacturing sites are located in several parts of Istanbul like Sancaktepe, Gebze and Atasehir and there we have the 3500m2 indoor and 1.000m2 outdoor facilities, which are manufacturing wide-ranging. On the one had we have the capablity to produce plastic, wooden, light metal, heavy metal, plexiglass, (foreks) etc. in our production sites, on the other hand we offer in- and outdoor digital print technologies. In our fields of activity, we offer service regarding Kiosks in shopping centres, P.O.P Stands and POSM products, sign boards and totems, side plating, in- and outdoor digital print services, interior architecture, outdoor city furnitures, outline specifications, designing, planing, production, logistics, montage and after sales support in your complete shop decoration projects as turn key. Our experienced project team works closely with you 24/7 to maintain a high end relationship with you and meet your expectations. Best Regards, START UP DESIGN&MANUFACTURE
Nema Basim has been a reliable solution partner that always gains its customers with its 20-year graphic and printing experience integrated with current technologies and developments. To produce within legal framework, in accordance with relevant national and international standards; To meet customer demands and needs above expectations within the frame of customer satisfaction principle; To perform team work with cooperation and work efficiently without compromising our principles of honesty, respect, innovation, courageous acting, quality, accuracy, timely and professional service; To continuously improve the overall performance of Nema Basim; To raise the exchange of information to the top by establishing mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers; To increase efficiency and effectiveness of the system through process approach; To leave a clean and livable environment for future generations; As a result of all these principles, our objective is to bring our company to a leading position with its quality, competitiveness and profitability by continuously improving our prestige and reputation for our employees to be proud of working in our company.
Our companies main principle is customer satisfaction. Our aim is to deliver good quality material with our qualified staff. From its beginning until today Asya Bayraks purpose is to reach its targ
Our firm has been founded in Hadimkoy /Istanbul in 1993. From its foundation to 2000, the firm carries its business on manufacturing extrusion, pasting and cutting dies and hydraulic machine. After that year, the firm made a beginning in the energy and electric sector. It expanded its products and started manufacturing the low and medium voltage pylons, wall box and energy transmission line laterals. Besides, with the increase in demand of the polygon fractal conic lamppost, the order of Lampposts, Projector Posts, Flagstaffs, Antenna and Transmitter Poles and the Mobile Electronic System Integration (MOBESE) Security Camera Posts embody our whole manufacture. So in line with these demands, we've modernized ourselves and our machine park and formed new machines, new production lines and new engineer staff and founded a project- follow up department. We've branded Kule Direk in Turkey and in most countries of the world. As you know, it takes temporarily progressing and keeping up the quality high to keep the sustainability in any market and to put the customer satisfaction ahead. So being Kule Direk, to be able to compete in the World market with this conscious and belief, we go on as an innovative firm that follows the technology constantly and likes working steel with an ambitious qualified staff and we know that belief is the secret of our standing and progressing. Along with the manufacturing, Kule Direk firstly raised its own business development and personal skills both about engineers and in intermediate staff and in raising masters in the factory and with some seminars and courses. Kule Direk raised so many people by raising its product quality and still goes on doing that in a school vision. We are glad to work with you, our partners, today and tomorrow like we were yesterday.
Since the textile industry for over 50 years producing products and services RUNNING textile wholesaler to resolve the needs of the sector in the flag began to flag after 1985 with the purpose of production. entirely on their own machines within the corporate structure and has made important steps towards the integration of bi established his own clothing workshop time to complete the necessary infrastructure investments in the production RUNNING textile fabric performs in its own factory. Traceability provided by the etegrasyo ​​process with this investment, began working with a single source of control and fast operation costs with better quality and lower cost products is a very big brands and strengthening its position in the textile running providing customers industry. Our company plans to continue increasing its investment in the period ahead of us in an effort to provide more kalital and low-cost products in more segments.
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